2009.02.19 13:50

[FOOD] Mad for Garlic (Samsung sta.)

:It tastes awesome.

Garlic has been known for healthy food recently. Its aftertaste lasts quite long but it's quite natural for Korean people.  

 Mad for Garlic is Italian wine bistro restauran with various dishes cooked with Garlic. From starter, soup, beef & grill, pasta to risotto they include garlic inside. You might worry that the scents of Garlic is strong, but it is tolerable if you try once. All the garlic inside the dishes are cooked so well that they harmonized with other ingredients inside your mouth, you don't feel like you are eating garlic known as strong scents.(except few intentional menus)  
 Mad for Garlic also has their own selected wine list. As you guess from interior on the picture, they also care about  which wine can be a good match with their dishes. So if you are interested or want to try suitable wine with dishes, you can ask for recommendation.
 They also provide set menus with wine recommendation, too. This exquisite and exceptional concept restaurant is famous among people and it is usually crowded at dinner on holidays. It's worth trying once if you are just visiting Korea.

Garlic Snowing Pizza
Red Devil
White Sauteed Fresh Mussel
Crab & Lobster Pasta

* Also recommend Garlcholic Rice, Gorgonzola Pizza.

Menu: Starter, Soup & Salad, Pasta, Pizza, Rice, Beef&Special, Wine, Wine dishes, Dessert, Beverage 
*More details on official website.

Address: B1, Michellan bldg., 147-2,
Samsung Dong, Gangnam Gu

Location: Located the opposite Coex Intercontinental Seoul, 10 minutes aparted from Samsung Station, Green Line, # 5,6 exit.

Open hour: 11:30 a.m. ~ 12:00 a.m
Phone: 02 + 538 + 6103
Official website:

Atmosphere: Comfortable, Able to stay and chat after eating. Little dark and feel like being in Middle age castle.  

Service: Come when you call. depends on the server.

Waiting time: Generally it takes about 15 minutes after you order.

Language: Korean

Parking: Valet Parking is available
Smoking: No smoking
Others: There are 10 branches in Seoul. Check nearest store on website before you go. 
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2009.02.15 01:24

Espressamente (Apgujeong)

Espressamente - Italian cafe bar

Ooh La LA : ♬♬♬♬

Tired of Starbucks, Coffee Bean, TOM N TOMS ?? Try Espressamente illy at Apgujeong. You'll feel trendy for just visiting the place. Trendy interior, trendy music, trendy chair, trendy cups, and even trendy restroom will keep you smiling while you drink your coffee. Espressamente first opened in Italy and now opened in  over 20 countries around the world. Started as "illy cafe" using famous coffee brand illy, then launched a project to spread abroad italian espresso culture helped by Italian artists. Thay's how Espressamente illy was introduced. All recipes are from Italy which makes this cafe even more special and unique.
If you are tired of coffee chains and looking for trendy coffee bar in Seoul, Espressamente is the perfect place!





Price is bit higher than other coffee chains, but there are free
 italian cookies to make that grimace go away :)

More than 20 designs for espresso cups make you order espresso even though you are not espresso lover.

Try coffee cocktails only available at Espressamente.

Espressamente is also famous for selling various Italian wine by glass.

Espresso : 8,000 won
Cappucino, Cafe Latte,
Macchiato : 8,500 won
Coffe Cocktail : 14,000 won
Dessert : 5,000 -7,000 won







Unlike Starbucks and Coffe Bean, tables are spciously placed and chairs are cute and cozy. Music is also very trendy, mostly modern club music, and you can actually enjoy the music since cafe is not too noisy. They sell designer designed espresso machine and cups that you will never find in other coffee chains.


Waiters / Waitresses take order from table(no tip). Your water cup will be never empty, if you bring your own cake they will provide folks for your convenience, higher price, higher service. 

Table/waiter : 4 (20 tables/5 waiters)
Waiting Time : zero

Address : 648-6 Sinsa-dong, Seoul
Location : 50m from Cinecity(Apgujeong)
Open hour : Everyday 9AM - 2AM
Phone : 02) 515 - 1287
Web : www.epressamenteilly.co.kr
Language : Korean, English

Parking : Avaiable but not recommended
Smoking : Separate Smoking Room

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2009.02.11 00:59

Nakji Center


Spice up your tongue with Red HoT Chili NAKJI

Ready to spice things up a little bit?

Center’s nakji dish is blaringly red, spicy and absolutely  delicious.  Not only does it wake your taste buds up but your entire body too. Drop by on a gloomy and tired day, a dish of nakji will pep up your stamina.

If the redness of the dish is a bit too much for you side dishes such as clam soup and egg omelet are also available .


BTW, a don’t miss item at
Nakji Center – a soju poster the old owner took with the one and only Jang Dong Gun!

*What is
Nakji? It is a Korean word for a common octopus.  

Suggested Menu for Two

 Nakji Dish + Two bowls of rice + Clam Soup = KRW 28,000

How to Get There

Unforunately, the current location (the Mugyo area) is under new development and the place will probably move to another location. Will update new location and map.
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